Testimonies against Mauna Kea draft administrative rules.

Testimonies Against UH Proposed Administrative Rules for Mauna Kea.


As we continue to stand for the protection of this sacred mountain, there has been a request sent out today through social media and by email, to submit testimony and attend the hearings in your area if you are able to., regarding the proposed administrative draft rules for Mauna Kea.”

  • Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina



The name Mauna a Wākea tells us the significance, the sacredness of this place. Mountain of Wakea. Mountain of Sky Father.
— Kalani Flores

“When are you [UH] going to admit that these proposed administrative rules for Mauna Kea are a thinly veiled attempt to do away with Native Hawaiian customary and traditional rights?

To do away with the public trust lands?”

~ Kekailoa Perry

Anything that destroys Mother Nature is wrong.

Itʻs time for you to change. Maybe you have to see things differently.

Ask yourself, are we doing this right?

Maybe someone will respond and say, do you see whatʻs happening? This is not right. Touch your heart. Touch your belly. Is this right?”

~ Marco Perez

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

“i want to know who gave you the authority and who let you guys feel like you could have control over a whole people, a whole moku, a whole island, a whole culture.

And come in here and think that you have control over something that you may or may not even be a part of.

i don’t understand how we are just repeating history and we are doing what already has happened to our people.

you come in, you take what you want, you say your own rules, and you discredit all of our rules and our own practices.

- Kapulei Flores

“The only way that the University can propose these rules in good conscience is if they themselves follow their own rules and stop the construction of the TMT.”

- Candace Fujikane

“UH must forfeit the conservation district use permit for the TMT and the TMT itself.

No TMT, no telescopes, no imperialism, no more desecration of sacred ʻāina.”

- Sam Ikehare

Our message for them is that we are ready to fight.
We are ready to drag everybody through the mud.
Every single international corporation,
every single university will be brought to the floor
because they’re going to answer for
the desecration of our mountain.

We cannot wait to challenge this in a court system.
We cannot wait to take to the streets.
We cannot wait to occupy our lands once again.
— Hayden James Winchester Imaikalani

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

Without pono, there is no peace.

It is for [UH] to decide, Will you hold peace?

Will you hold pono?

You can choose peace. You can choose pono. Or you can choose violence and war.

And that is your choice.”

~ Laulani Teale

“UH does not consider itself the primary threat on the Mauna.
Kiaʻi are taking it upon ourselves to protect the Mauna from the university.
Letʻs be clear: UH needs to be regulated. By its own historical mismanagement, UH is the primary threat, the university cannot claim to regulate everyone except themselves.
It is our ethical kuleana to stand for the Mauna.
See you on the Mauna!”
— Kahala Johnson

[UH] wouldn’t even try to promulgate rules if it wasn’t for TMT. There hasn’t been rules for decades since they started doing astronomy on the Mauna.

They’re trying to push rules now because they want to build TMT.”

~ Healani Sonada-Pale

“It would make more sense to get better consensus before spending time and resources in a public hearing process.

Involve in a more meaningful way practitioners who will be impacted by these rules—which means including them in the creation of the rules, not merely allowing comments on University-created rules.” 

- Shelley Muneoka

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

© Ruth Aloua, @lovelikeaina

© Leina’ala Sleightholm

© Leina’ala Sleightholm

“Oh my god, what are you guys doing?
I want you to think about how old grannies know more about conservation and know this is pilau!”
— Karen Murray

You folks are the biggest perpetrators of hewa and you purport to want to stop other peoplesʻ hewa.

Itʻs just a job for you folks, but for us, this is our life.

We are connected to our ʻāina. No treaty, no jurisdiction: you are committing war crimes. You are on notice. We know war crimes against the people when we see it!”

~ Kapua Keliikoa-Kamai

The source, our people, our pilina, our wao akua. These rules target the source. These rules: what are they supposed to be conserving? Our people? our history? or your exploitative practices?

Our kapu aloha will not be passive. We will be fierce in our aloha ʻāina!”

~ Makoa Freitas

How can you represent us if you donʻt respect our wishes?

Weʻre prepared to risk it all and put our lives on the line.

We are protectors not protesters!

UH does not have the jurisdiction to make rules for the Mauna!”

~ Punahele Kūkailimoku Kanikapila

What matters when we testify:
we’ve shown up, stood up, spoken out, activated, and our kupuna and keiki see that.
— Pua Case
Bethany Bilowus