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About MKEA


Mauna Kea Education and Awareness (MKEA) was created in April 2015 by five women, four of whom are Native Hawaiian  of women seeking to create an empowered indigenous entity to protect Mauna Kea. The current organization advisory members are all women, all with Native Hawaii lineage. Ms. Pua Case was appointed as program director and still holds that position.

Mauna Kea Education and Awareness (MKEA) is an organizational project of KAHEA (KAHEA.org). MKEAʻs mission is ‘to educate and raise the awareness of communities in Hawai’i and beyond on the spiritual, historical, cultural, environmental, and political significance of Mauna Kea and to provide cultural learning opportunities to everyone from keiki to kupuna, residents, visitors and others concerned about indigenous rights and responsibilities in order to create a platform for protection of sacred places and for social justice and positive change.

Our vision is to increase knowledge and connection to Mauna Kea and the host culture and to foster a sense of ‘kuleana’ or responsibility to revitalize the traditional practices and indigenous rights in regards to Mauna Kea and all sacred places.