Kūkulu; The Pillars of Mauna ā Wākea is a traveling exhibition featuring Art, Merchandise, Music and Messages of the Mauna Kea Movement. All art forms that contribute to this heART filled tribute to a sacred mountain are welcome.

Kūkulu will serve as an platform to teach, to share and to inspire the community to stand as pillars for this sacred mountain through visual arts, workshops, presentations, events, and gatherings.

On September 28, 2017, the Board of Land and Natural Resources approved the construction permit to build the eighteen story Thirty Meter Telescope on the Northern Plateau of Mauna Kea. Pending an appeal by the Mauna Kea Hui Parties, MKEA has committed to a community vision of creating an unique, interactive, traveling art exhibit with the working title, Kūkulu; to be a pillar to set the tone and the vibration that is encompassed in the Hawaiian values, and the ʻIke Kupuna or ancestral teachings, that will inspire while educate. Programs offered will feature talk story sessions and presentations with cultural practitioners, kiaʻi or water protectors, educators and community members sharing experiences with Native Hawaiians, local communities, residents and visitors alike.

The vision and design of the space will be modeled after the slopes of Mauna Kea where the stance to protect the sacred mountain took place. The space will serve as a puʻu honua, a sanctuary, a hālau, training center, a kauhale, a gathering place The piko or foundational center of the exhibit space will include an ahu or traditional altar and actual art pieces owned and utilized by the kiaʻi or protectors. All art pieces will be carefully selected as each piece must embody the best and the highest values, skills and efforts of the Mauna Kea Movement. Each step of creating the exhibit will be executed with appropriate prayers, chants, offerings and protocols.

Kūkulu objectives:

1) educating and inspiring the community through workshops, presentations, events, gatherings, 2) serving as a template for interactive exhibits focused on the community and the arts, 3) embodying the spiritual and cultural pillar for the implementation of protocol and conduct as witnessed on the mountain through a re-creation of the movement in exhibit form.

The exhibit will open on March 10, 2018 at the Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hamakua, on Hawaii Island with ceremony, music and mauna messages and ALOHA. The exhibit will be up until the end of August with plans to move to the district of Kona to be installed and curated by Mauna Kea Protectors of that area. The exhibit will be offered to Hilo District thereafter with an additional goal of the exhibit traveling to outer islands and abroad.

Kūkulu is sponsored by Mauna Kea Education and Awareness whose mission is to educate and raise the awareness of communities in Hawai’i and beyond on the spiritual, historical, cultural, environmental, and political significance of Mauna Kea and; to provide cultural learning opportunities to everyone from keiki to kupuna, residents and visitors alike.’

This traveling art exhibition is co-sponsored by the Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hāmākua https://www.facebook.com/HCCOH, www.hawaiianculturalcenterofhamakua.org and KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance, http://www.kahea.org/

Donations to Mauna Kea Education and Awareness are welcome at KAHEA.org, link to donation page: https://org.salsalabs.com/o/2699/p/salsa/donation/common/public/?donate_page_KEY=7145

Preparing the Exhibit Space

Our first community workday held on Lā 1000 at the Hawaiian Cultural Center of Hāmākua.