These are the projects that MKEA has featured on, or helped to create.

Kūkulu Art Exhibit Opens

Nahko Bear on Mauna Kea and the Collective Prayer

Nahko Bear speaks about his connection to Mauna Kea.

“The prayer is that we would become closer to each other in a way of a collective consciousness, that more people begin to think in a similar way, as caretakers. And looking at how we can live together on this planet in a way that isn’t divisive or destructive, that would be the prayer.”

Kumu Pua Case at Kūkulu

My Mountain: The Collective Prayer

A prayer dedicated to the protection of Mauna Kea and all sacred places.

"My Mountain brings the world together for all living and spiritual things, connects me to time and space so vast, continues to unify from all realms, kisses the heavens and is a zenith in this world, rises from the bottom of the sea, leads me back home.”

Directions by Hāwane feat. Nahko

A prayer song that calls the four directions to ground the gifts, the ceremony and the exchange of music as medicine for the people.

Hāwane weaves the Hawaiian language of their ancestors into this song, honors the connection to Wakea (Sky Father) and Papahānaumoku (Earth Mother) and sends this prayer of peace and aloha to the hearts of all people, holy lands, mountains and waterways.

We Stand With Mauna Kea

A Virtual Stance for Mauna a Wākea.

“We pledge to stand WITH and FOR Mauna Kea, a show of unification, strength, and Aloha from all nations, all people, all individuals, who, through their voices and their actions, have expressed their support for this sacred mountain.”